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More about the Sponsorship Option

There are two tiers of sponsorship: Focused (on a particular banking segment) and Full (across all banking segments). The banking segments are:

  • Retail Banking
  • Private Banking & Wealth Management
  • Business Banking
  • Corporate Banking


Banks can choose to be sponsors in a single focus segment, or any combination of segments. Full sponsors cover all of the above segments at a discounted fee. Matchi only allows one full sponsor per region. Focus sponsors enjoy collaboration opportunities with some of the most innovative banks in the world by means of:

  • Ability to join or create small groups of non-competing banks to share market-tested innovations.
  • Exclusive events across sponsor banks.


Full sponsors enjoy first rights access to the innovations posted onto the platform, which gives them a first mover advantage in their respective regions - specifically:

  • Ability to view innovations for 30 days before they are published on the main portal.
  • Ability to lock or reserve innovations of interest for a further 60 days to enable negotiations.


Let our team help you choose which sponsorship option would work best for your organisation. Contact one of our directors by emailing:

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