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We find market leading emerging technology for our clients – creating immediate business impact. Connect your solution to interested buyers, investors and industry experts around the world.

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Showcase your Emerging Technology to the right people

Matchi is not just a portal. Our multi-channel, hands on approach means we are involved throughout every step of the emerging technology sourcing process – across the world. We introduce our solutions to the international KPMG network. We continue to promote it whenever it aligns to the specific needs of our clients – and include you in our Trend Reports, Market Scans, Global Innovation Challenges, webinars, podcasts, live demo sessions and newsletters.

Scroll down to see what your company has access to with KPMG Matchi:


Matchi Member


Minimum Criteria
  • Your company has a working and demoable product
  • You company was founded after 2010
  • You are able to provide us with the contact details and company testimonial of 1 raving advocate on sign-up

Value Added
  • Showcase your technology at a quick-fire, global KPMG professional focused and rated, live demo
  • Enter Emerging Technology Challenges with a defined outcome (partnership, white labelling, investment or licensing opportunities)
  • Your company is automatically included in relevant Emerging Technology Scans Tag
  • Matchi’s accounts on social media with interesting content for greater exposure.
  • Access products and services tailored for emerging technology scale ups, provided by specialised KPMG teams from around the world
  • Apply for ad hoc exposure opportunities relevant to your strategic goals

Prerequisites to unlock the value of your level
  • Company profile is complete
  • You have met with a member of our team
  • Your company meets our criteria list
  • You have added a recorded product demo to the platform All administration is complete

Front Runner

USD 1500 p.a.

Minimum Criteria
  • As per Matchi Member and scored higher than 3.8 with their KPMG demo

Value Added
  • Everything in Matchi Member and...
  • Share your approved content via the Matchi website
  • Easily expand into new markets: Introduction to KPMG professionals with a view to be introduced to their clients in 3 countries of your choice and in your defined industry over a 12 month period
  • Showcase your solution in a publicly marketed demo with social media exposure
  • Include your company in our annual flagship report
  • KPMG Matchi handles the administration and heavy lifting in making your solution more accessible to our team members around the world – and their clients

Prerequisites to unlock the value of your level
  • Your solution scored 3.8/5 or greater in a quick-fire, rated, global KPMG professional focused live demo

Referral fees to KPMG Matchi for Revenue Opportunities Generated

Referral agreement signed where Matchi receives xx% of revenue as a result of a KPMG driven Matchi activity

Optional Add-Ons
Market Ready Service Pack

  • Share three jointly branded articles with social media exposure over a 12 month period
  • Let KPMG Matchi handle the administration involved in making your solution market ready for KPMG

USD 2500 p.a.
(By application and invitation only.)

Support from 162000+ KPMG professionals around the world

Enter Innovation Challenges

This is where you start:

1. Complete the registration process here.
2. If your company matches our platform prerequisites, you will be approved and can continue to complete your technology profile.
3. Your profile will be reviewed by one of our tech analysts to ensure it positions your solution in the best way possible.
4. A Matchi team member will schedule a meeting with you to say hi, provide feedback on your profile and advise you on how best to make use of what we have to offer.
5. Once all the checks and balances are complete you are ready to sign up for your first activity – a rated live demo of your solution to our KPMG colleagues around the world.

This is what you need:

Check that your company meets all the prerequisites:
  • Your company has a working and demoable product
  • You company was founded after 2010
  • You are able to provide us with the contact details and company testimonial of 1 raving advocate on sign-up
Have your company’s public overview and product information on hand. This includes: a recorded product demo, customer names (previous or sanitized), a sample of the solution’s output (where appropriate) and relevant product information
A team member committed to completing the process within 5 days and link in to our social media channels, newsletters and ad hoc opportunities


This is how we can help you


We specialise in connecting emerging technologies to growth opportunities

Global Network

You benefit from KPMG global professionals network, relevant stakeholders and clients


From the inside , we support you in leveraging the KPMG network for business growth.


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1.If I just register, and not complete my profile, will I be allowed to participate in all in the enticing opportunities made available by KPMG Matchi?

Unfortunately not just yet. KPMG Matchi prides itself on being more than just a database, we host a community of excellent technology solution providers. This keeps Matchi as a trusted network of solutions for KPMG Colleagues and clients, ensuring the sustainability of valuable opportunities sourced for technology firms. It also means that our sign-up process has been designed to ensure that the technology firms admitted to the platform are of the highest calibre and are in the company of industry peers.

2. Tell me more about this rated demo?

All full Matchi members are invited to participate in a live, quick-fire technology demo call with our KPMG colleagues from around the world. The participants will be able to rate the solution against a set of specific criteria which include things like appropriateness for KPMG clients, belief in ability to deliver etc. This rating helps us leverage the wisdom of crowds to understand your technology better. It also helps create interest in your company’s solution as colleagues are encouraged to interact and signal their interest via the rating mechanisms.

3. How is the rating used?

Emerging technology solution providers who score higher than an average of 3.8 out of 5 in the session will be invited to become a Matchi Front Runner and/ or Market Ready solution which provide a more structured way of leveraging the Matchi networks internally and externally.

4. What happens if I score less than 3.8 in the live demo?

Nothing. Your company is still a Matchi member and entitled to participate in innovation challenges, under the radar scans, tag us on social media and more. Just keep an eye out on our communication channels to learn more.

5. Is joining really at no cost?

Yes. Becoming a Matchi member is at no cost. Should your company be invited to participate in the Front Runner or Market Ready offerings, a minimal fee will be quoted for administration of marketing and risk-approval related activities. Remember: Companies who join the Front Runner and Market Ready membership levels are subject to a referral fee of 10% of any Revenue generated as a result of Matchi activities.

What our clients say.

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Charles Savage, CEO Easy Equities
Matchi has been a great platform for us, we just don’t have enough time to scour the globe for fintech opportunities or share our story more broadly, as for the most part we are in the trenches building our business. In both regards Matchi have helped us source the right opportunities whilst helping us share our story and build our brand with a global audience.
- Charles Savage, CEO, Easy Equities


Colin Magee, CEO Logical Glue
It was great that MCB reached out to the FinTech community for innovative solutions through the SME Fintech Challenge in partnership with Matchi. The Logical Glue team is delighted to have been selected as the winners of this challenge and we look forward to using our innovative technology to add further value to the bank’s substantial SME business.
- Colin Magee, CEO, Logical Glue


Eugene Joseph, CEO, Verbal Access (Northside Inc)
North Side is honored to be selected by Liberty for the PoC of its innovative Voice Activated Quotes project. We're excited to demonstrate the value added by our language understanding technology to Liberty's business and the opportunity to do a first project in Africa.


Peter Reynolds, CMO, Aimbrain
We are delighted to have won the PoC project at Liberty. They are passionate about getting rid of passwords and so are we! Our biometric authentication platform will offer multiple alternatives including behavioral, facial and voice authentication. Africa, and in particular South Africa, is a key strategic market that we are fully committed to.
- Peter Reynolds, CMO, Aimbrain


Vladimir Baranov, Vanare Platform
It was a privilege to be selected as the leading digital advice wealth management platform for the KPMG Challenge. The KPMG/Matchi summit in London provided high level exposure to key decision makers, and we are excited to continue conversations with our potential partners globally.
- Vladimir Baranov, CTO and Founder, Vanare


Angela Schmuck, IDMission
We have really enjoyed the Matchi Challenge experiences you have let us be a part of. I think this is an awesome concept that hopefully more and more companies will take advantage of. Being a part of the Matchi platform has given IDmission the opportunity to present to and pilot with global organizations that we normally would not have had access to on our own.
- Angela Schmuck, IDMission


Tijana Zganec, Sales and Marketing Manager
Matchi provided us with an excellent opportunity to present ourselves directly to a targeted bank audience from across different geographies.
- Tijana Zganec, Sales and Marketing Manager, Microblink Ltd


Mikael Ergorov, co-founder Contractual
Matchi introduced us directly to the right people, in the right banks and we're now in discussions to pilot our solution with multiple key partners.
- Mikael Ergorov, co-founder Contractual, Loancoin


Maclane Wilkison, co-founder Contractual
Thanks to Matchi, we were able to fast track the typical uphill battle of selling into banks, helping both to drive our business forward and mainstream our technology.
- Maclane Wilkison, co-founder Contractual, Loancoin


Will Harris
Matchi connected us to the right innovation and product people in a bank that needed our solution. Matchi has been our best marketing investment to date. If you don’t speak to them, your competitors will.


Randal Cox
Matchi connected us with the biggest banks in Australia and South Africa, leading to discussions that would not have happened without us being Matchi members. They are key to our international growth.


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