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Fintech innovations for Cash Flow Management


Fintech Innovations for Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management is the lifeblood of all businesses, and particularly for SMEs where it can result in business failure. The reasons for cash flow challenges are well known from the negative aspects of mismanagement of expenses to the slightly more forgivable, high quality problem of increasing growth without appropriate funding. Proper financial management is obviously the solution but the speed of business activities and multiple payment channels, can lead to a complex web of managing the timing and quantum of payments and matching these to appropriate funding mechanisms.

Fintechs have adopted digital technologies and tools to assist in the diagnosis, management and prediction of cash flows to mitigate the rate of business failure


Big data and AI cash flow management solution for SMEs, offered in collaboration with banks to improve service delivery, loyalty and share of wallet.
Fintech Themes: Financial Inclusion, Artificial Intelligence / Digital Labour


Cashflow management for SMEs on CaFE platform

Cash flow management tool that integrates with accounting packages and highlights cash flow risks real-time.
Fintech Themes: Efficiency, Customer Experience


Cash Flow Optimiser for Businesses – CFO4b

Forward looking mobile application review current status and projects wealth and cash flow at least 60 months ahead.
Fintech Themes: Financial Inclusion, Asset Management


Small & Midmarket Business (SMB/SME) Cashflow Hub

Suite of white-labelled SMB and lender-tested modules which supports cashflow management and seamlessly connects to borrower and lender modules
Fintech Themes: Bank in a Box, Efficiency


Cashflow Management application

App that predicts future cashflows using past period`s transactions, as well as debtors and creditors
Fintech Themes: Risk Mitigation, Efficiency


Business Money Manager

Accounting solution for businesses that is fully integrated with their online banking
Fintech Themes: Risk Mitigation, Customer Experience


CFO - Cash Flow Optimisation training tool and application for small businesses and individuals

Financial training tool and app for small businesses and individuals
Fintech Themes: Customer Experience


Insights - Bank account transactions, categorised to income and expense items and e-mailed to customers

Emailed analysis of PFM for businesses to show analysis of spend
Fintech Themes: Customer Experience





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