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Fintech innovations for SME Accounting Solutions


Fintech Innovations for SME Accounting Solutions

Small businesses struggle in general with managing their cashflow and keep track of their main accounting metrics. Although there are many accounting packages available, many struggle with integration with banking software or are unable to gain insights by combining banking and accounting data. Several fintechs have recognised this gap and created solution that bridge accounting and banking systems or seamlessly allow integration between the two.

Here are some from the Matchi platform:

Automated Spreading

Capture accounting information from a PDF version of a customer’s financial statements or directly from their accounting package.
Fintech Themes: Risk Mitigation, Efficiency, Customer Experience


Business Money Manager

Accounting solution for businesses that is fully integrated with their online banking
Fintech Themes: Risk Mitigation, Customer Experience


SMEasy - Small Business Management & Accounting Made Easy

Simple accounting software for SMEs
Fintech Themes: Financial Inclusion, Customer Experience

Caytree Financial - Accounting and Financial Management for small businesses

Accounting software package for SMEs
Fintech Themes: Customer Expereience


Personal Money Manager

Combines banking with instant personal accounting in real time
Fintech Themes: Insurance, Wealth Tech / Robo Advisors


Sparkholder: Real-time information about non-listed companies

Connects banking credit systems to clients accounting software system to deliver real time financial information
Fintech Themes: Customer Experience





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