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RegTech compliance

Matchi Trend Report - Digital Account Origination

Fintechs that address the different aspects of compliance have been referred to as RegTech and focus on simplifying and enhancing robust controls for meeting regulatory requirements which include employee surveillance by non-traditional technology (e.g. social media monitoring), client onboarding (e.g. digital onboarding) and predictive analytics that can flag early warning by analysing patterns.

There has been an increasing focus on regulation in the financial services sector and, with it, an increase in the breadth and depth of Compliance. At its early stages, compliance focused on the legal and governance aspects – this could be adequately addressed by legal profession. However, compliance has now extended much further into the actual business of banking ranging from small loans to derivative trading. This has led to an increase in the size of compliance departments and the challenges of the requisite skills and systems required to monitor this.

The challenges to banks are manifold:

  • Prerequisite for doing business – compliance functions and outputs are non-negotiable due to regulatory powers to shut down business or impose substantial fines
  • Disruptive technologies – cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and the blockchain are unlike anything else in traditional banking; hence the difficulties of creating regulations and enforcing these
  • Globalisation of financial services – different compliance regimes in different countries
  • Pervasive across business - compliance cuts across many business lines
  • Increasing cost - there is no associated source of revenue that can fund compliance. Hence the need for efficiency solutions
  • Managerial complexity – there are multiple areas with regulation like AML and KYC, each of which are highly complex on its own

The emergence of RegTech solutions have been varied ranging from simple digitisation of paper based tasks to predictive analytics of employee fraud. These are the main areas of focus:

  • predictive analysis of employee compliance (such as gifts and entertainment or outside affiliations)
  • business compliance (such as conflicts of interest or due diligence)
  • financial crime (including transaction monitoring and fraud)

Leveraging third party data (from social media etc.) also give insights into employee behaviour, along with its own privacy issues.

Increasingly, the compliance field starts demanding realtime analysis instead of information after the fact

The compliance related innovations have been dealt with a previous Matchi briefing on Compliance which lists the themes of Onboarding, Fraud Prevention, Analytics, Monitoring Solutions and Efficiency tools. RegTech, however, encompasses a broader field with additional themes shown below.

Some solutions

Blockchain applicatons

System management

Third party data enrichment

Social media data extraction

Process digitisation

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