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Why South Africa needs to prioritise Mobility developments

Mobility is a hot topic right now.

With the advent of electric vehicles (EVs) and autonomous vehicles (AVs), the way people and goods get from A to B is changing at an alarming rate. Many of these changes will be good – cleaner transport, improved safety and more productive systems. But South Africa risks missing out on these benefits – and, indeed, even being negatively affected by Mobility developments – if it doesn’t respond now to plan for this global trend. KPMG South Africa’s Mobility 2030 team has been looking into what needs to happen in this space.

Global sales of EVs expanded by 56% from 2016 to 2017, while AVs in their various forms are being tested on public roads in countries such as Singapore, US and Netherlands. While Mobility in South Africa may not be at the same levels as yet, pillars of the economy, including manufacturing and mining, are set to be impacted by the shift in global demand. For example, as countries that purchase automotive components and platinum group metals (typically used in catalytic converters) from South Africa begin to move away from petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles, South Africa needs to ensure its industries are keeping pace with those shifts.

KPMG South Africa is working to help organisations across all sectors to prepare for imminent disruption. As part of this effort, KPMG South Africa has created thought leadership content to highlight some of the pressing issues that need to be understood and addressed. These include:

  • Why South Africa can’t afford to take a backseat when it comes to Mobility
  • How to ensure South Africa’s resources remain relevant
  • The Big Data opportunities Mobility affords
  • How the South African manufacturing sector needs to adapt
  • The driving role that government needs to play as an enabler

To access these articles and keep up to date on Mobility in South Africa, visit the KPMG South Africa Mobility 2030 page.

KPMG Matchi has also been working to source emerging technologies in the Mobility sector and our team is well positioned to assist clients with:

  • Selecting firms for investment
  • Innovation strategy
  • New service and product development
  • Competitive strategy: recognise the threats and opportunities from the advances in Mobility technology
  • Showcase events
  • Technology landscape review

To engage with KPMG Matchi on your Mobility needs or to find an existing solution, please get in touch with us here.



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