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KPMG Mobility Series

Mobility – key trends, challenges and opportunities for financial services

KPMG Mobility Series - Mobility – key trends, challenges and opportunities for financial services

Most people will agree that mobility – the movement of people and goods – is a key driver for economic development. As mobility evolves thanks to emerging technology trends, such as autonomous vehicles (AVs) and electric vehicles (EVs), sectors and ecosystems are set to converge. The financial services industry will need to play a key role in enabling and underpinning the mobility ecosystem.

KPMG has dedicated a series of thought leadership articles to exploring what mobility will look like in 2030, and what that means for financial institutions, insurers, technology providers and business as a whole.

The series explores topics like:

  • The challenges of investing in mobility infrastructure and when we’re likely to reach a tipping point in the widespread adoption of EVs, plus the case for first-mover advantage;
  • The planning required in terms of physical infrastructure (roads, urban planning and electrification and communication networks);
  • The immense amounts of data that will be generated by the mobility ecosystem, who will own it and how privacy issues will need to be addressed; and
  • How the insurance sector will be affected by mobility disruption, and how business models will need to shift.

Visit the KPMG Mobility 2030 page to access the full series of articles.

At KPMG Matchi, we’ve also expanded our technology sourcing capabilities into the mobility sector. We are well positioned to assist clients with:

  • Selecting firms for investment
  • Innovation strategy
  • New service and product development
  • Competitive strategy: recognise the threats and opportunities from the advances in mobility technology
  • Showcase events
  • Technology landscape review

For more information, please get in touch with Matchi CEO, David Milligan:



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