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KPMG Matchi 2018 highlights


KPMG Matchi 2018 highlights

2018 was an exciting year at KPMG Matchi as we expanded our offering from fintech into new markets, launching two new products, extended our global reach and scaled the number of emerging tech providers registered with us by more than 80%. We also broadened our new media activities, visited KPMG offices around the world and celebrated some personal milestones within our team. In this article, we celebrate 2018, and conclude with some thoughts on the way forward in 2019.

Expanding Matchi

In 2018, KPMG Matchi decided to leverage our expertise in sourcing fintech solutions providers and matching them with financial institutions and large businesses in new markets to create solutions for the fast-growing RegTech and Mobility environments.

RegTech Portal

In July 2018 we launched the KPMG Matchi RegTech Portal, which enables clients and regulators to view the latest RegTech solutions, as well as global news and thought leadership. This subscriber-only portal features content that has been researched and curated by KPMG risk management and regulatory specialists, and also offers the potential to direct questions to KPMG regulatory specialists.

Working with the global KPMG Risk and Regulatory Insights Centre, we’re addressing interests from both companies and regulators (including central banks and regional and national governments). We expect the growth in RegTech to extend into 2019 and beyond.

If you’re interested in seeing a recent RegTech Portal newsletter or arranging a demo, register here.

Mobility Database

In August 2018, collaborating with KPMG UK, KPMG Matchi launched a database of emerging technologies in the Mobility ecosystem. This was a large step towards our goal of becoming a single database of global emerging technologies for KPMG member firms and our clients.

With global growth in AutoTech start-ups sitting at more than 24% (year-on-year) in 2018, and 80 billion connected devices predicted by 2025, we believe Mobility is a key driver for economic development. As with any opportunity, it also brings a number of challenges, ranging from infrastructure development to shifting insurance business models and hosting and managing the immense amounts of data that will be generated.

For more thought leadership on Mobility, explore the KPMG Mobility 2030 series.

Global engagements

We’ve done some interesting projects with various KPMG offices around the world in 2018 – see the infographic for more detail.
Through Innovation Challenges and Scans, KPMG Matchi found 848 solutions to 112 problem statements for 14 clients. For example:

  • We helped a non-bank financial institution explore ways to expand its product offering by adding vehicle, personal and SME loans.
  • We assisted a special interest training provider to find a student loan mechanism to help expand its reach.
  • We successfully completed various digital transformation projects within financial institutions to achieve their goals in growing their customer bases and offering enhanced experiences.

If you’d like to solve problems by using emerging technologies please get in touch with us.

In addition, we increased our database by more than 80% to 5500+ market-ready emerging tech solutions, giving confidence that we can serve clients whatever their pain points or opportunities are. If you are an emerging tech company interested in matchmaking opportunities, please get in touch.

New Content and Thought Leadership

Seeking to continually leverage the power of digital media, we added the Masters of Technology Podcasts and Master Demos (live solutions demonstrations) to our existing monthly Master Discussions (webinars).

Masters of technology is a podcast series that publicly profiles emerging tech companies, their leaders and their industry thinking. To access these, visit our Masters of Technology page.

The Master demo series offer live demonstrations of technology to KPMG teams and selected clients, showcasing the value these solutions can bring to clients, For KPMG Offices wanting to be added to our upcoming demo mailing list, please get in touch.

As a small team, KPMG Matchi is lean, efficient and tightly knit. This year, we celebrated two great personal events with our team members: Sashreka Pillay tied the knot on 30 June and Catherine Miller welcomed her son into the world on 10 October. Congratulations to both!

As we move forward into 2019, KPMG Matchi will continue to grow, with plans for new offerings in a few key sectors where we can add significant value to our clients. We look forward to the opportunity of working even more closely with our colleagues in KPMG offices worldwide, to deliver on the promise of emerging technologies.

We believe in the power of new technologies to change our world in positive ways, while having a realistic grasp (based on experience) of how hard it is for large organisations to embrace such change. The famous quote by Bill Gates is one of our mantras: “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don't let yourself be lulled into inaction.” We are here to help our clients take action



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