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Fintech Innovations that use Comparison Engines


Fintech innovations that use comparison engines

The exponential increase in data as well as the willingness of people to share information has led to a rich set of data that peers can compare themselves to. In addition, there is an abundant set of technologies that allow data to be anonymised while being aggregated. The earliest versions of this were comparison of interest rates offered by banks.

However, this has evolved and it's now possible to compare your investment portfolio to others of a similar profile. The continued transparency in costs and benefits has led to a transfer of power to the consumer. However, the glut of information needs to be organised in a user friendly manner which is where the fintech industry has stepped in using efficient algorithms and cloud computing.

Here are some solutions from the Matchi platform that use comparison engines:

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)* Due Diligence and Comparison System

Determines the total cost of ownership of similar ETFs
Fintech Themes: Asset Management Risk Mitigation


Peer to peer investing - The Social Network for Investors

Online investing network to compare and construct own investment portfolios
Fintech Themes: Tech-Wealth


Hip Pocket: technology to complement the FIs trusted advisor role and drives online sales

Mobile solution to generate qualified leads by comparing current to peer group rates
Fintech Themes: Mobile VAS / Mobility Customer Service

DRAFT - Crowd sourced, peer comparison tool for investment portfolios

Crowd sourced, peer comparison tool for your investment portfolio against others
Fintech Themes: Tech-Wealth Asset Management



Take the hassle and guesswork out of currency exchange and safeguard international travellers against excessive exchange fees/ rates.
Fintech Themes: Customer Service Data Analytics


SAMART.co.za B2B Platform

B2B marketplace infrastructure with built-in geolocation and add-on CRM module
Fintech Themes: Customer Service





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