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Fintech innovations on Know Your Customer (KYC)


Fintech innovations on Know Your Customer (KYC)

The dual threats of financial fraud and identity theft require banks to simultaneously comply with multiple regulations around KYC as well as respecting the consumer’s right to privacy. In addition, consumers have to manage multiple passwords and logins while increasingly moving their financial transactions to digital channels.

Fintechs have developed a range of potential solutions that both address the regulatory aspects as well as addressing the security issues around KYC and promoting ease of use. Many of these solutions use mobile as a channel along with the embedded camera technologies while others utilise cutting edge block chai technology.

Here are a few innovations from the Matchi platform:

Seamless automated KYC authentication

Secure, automated KYC on-boarding process in less than 4 minutes.
Fintech Themes: Identification & Verification Risk Mitigation


KYC and On-boarding solutions

Mobile KYC app that also enables streamlining the compliance function
Fintech Themes: Identification & Verification Financial Inclusion


Automatic Online & Biometric Identity Verification (KYC)

A NFC enabled and fully automatic ID verification solution that relies on zero human involvement especially for KYC purposes
Fintech Themes: Blockchain Identification & Verification

KYC Network on blockchain

KYC/AML compliance for financial institutions using blockchain
Fintech Themes: Blockchain Identification & Verification


Trunomi - Solutions that Create, Share & Monetize Customer Data

Consent-based app to on-board new customers, conduct KYC and share information between counter parties
Fintech Themes: Mobile VAS / Mobility Identification & Verification


GBR API provides real-time access to primary source company data for full KYC and AML compliance

Software to automate the identity verification process for financial KYC / AML and other compliance systems
Fintech Themes: Identification & Verification


Identity verification and assisting banks in meeting KYC requirements

Automated execution on South African client verification and KYC requirements.
Fintech Themes: Customer Service





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