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Fintech innovations on Trading Technology


Fintech Innovations on Trading Technology

Share trading has moved beyond the discount brokerage model or the paid research model. Clients now have access to far greater information and a greater say in managing their own money. Thereare a great deal of online educational tools on financial literacy which areincreasing the number of participants in online share trading.

The democratisation of share ownership has also led to greater transparency in fees as well as availability of research. Several innovations have been developed around making it easier to access information beyond share prices and financial information. Ironically, the increase in information available has led to an increasing inability to process it – hence the development of tools like sentiment analysis drawn from data sources, including that from social media platforms.

Trading tools used to be the domain only of deal room desks but the rise of day traders has been fuelled in part by both the availability of information as well as enhanced trading tools. It is now possible to easily access algorithmic based trading strategies as well as simple systems to test trading strategies.

Trading systems are now more freelyavailable from a multitude of providers, not just the traditional investment banks and brokers.

Some relevantInnovations on the Matchi platform:

Global Company Intelligence

Platform for automatic business verification by real-time search of live commercial and trade registers
Fintech Themes: Identification & Verification Risk Mitigation


Midas Rezerv - new business ecosystem based on cryptofinance.

Create cryptoassets from physical or electronic assets and trade through the blockchain
Fintech Themes: Marketplace P2P Lending Blockchain


Hitfin derivatives trade settlement

Trade settlement for derivative via blockchain platform
Fintech Themes: Trading Technology Blockchain

Social Network for Traders/Investors

View portfolio of top traders to inform own portfolio construction
Fintech Themes: Trading Technology Asset Management


A flight simulator for traders

Gamified training program to train traders at lower cost and better performance
Fintech Themes: Trading Technology Gamification


Option Samurai - a suite of superior tools for market professionals

Platform to get information and ideas to trade options
Fintech Themes: Trading Technology Asset Mangement





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