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Fintech innovations on Cross Border Payments


Fintech Innovations on Cross Border Payments

Remittances form a large part of the movement of money globally, particularly that from migrants that are part of the diaspora. These cross border payments are an important link to the livelihood and economy of a migrant home country.

In addition, cross border payments form an integral part of global trade and the sheer volume of transactions and its associated costs have encouraged fintechs to find alternative solutions at lower costs and shorter settlement periods.

Please see some relevant innovations on the Matchi platform:


WU Connect

Enable banking clients to make cross border peer to peer transfer payments via an extensive networks anywhere in the world


Cross-Border Payment Solution

Low cost cross- border payments solution especially for migrant payments
Fintech Themes: Next Generation Payments Customer Service


GeoPay - Mobile application for cross border money transfer that is cheaper and faster

Peer-to-peer blockchain mobile application to transfer money across border instantly, cheaper and faster.
Fintech Themes: Next Generation Payments Blockchain


Bi-Directional Prepaid Cards (b-DPC)

Blockchain chain based remittance payments
Fintech Themes: Next Generation Payments Blockchain


Hello Paisa - Using Technology to drive down the cost of Remittances in Africa

Low cost remittances to African countries through a mobile network
Fintech Themes: Mobile VAS / Mobility Mobile VAS / Mobility


Uphold, the Internet of Money; transparent and fast solution for remittances with real time conversion rates and zero conversion fees

Cloud based transfer of money cross border including cryptocurrency
Fintech Themes: Next Generation Payments Blockchain





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