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Fintech innovations providing Business Supporting Services


Fintech Innovations providing Business Supporting Services

A key differentiating factor for banks is customer service. They extend from increasingly demanding individuals who expect personalised and customised service to businesses who look to their bank to assist in streamlining their own efficiencies, especially from a financial point of view

There are several fintechs who recognise the opportunity to provide support services to business to enable them to interact more seamlessly with their banks beyond normal financial transactions. These range from integrating accounting software with banking systems to assisting businesses with growth plans

Here are a few from the Matchi platform:


Insights - Bank account transactions, categorised to income and expense items and e-mailed to customers

Emailed analysis of PFM for businesses to show analysis of spend
Fintech Themes: Customer Experience


Online Business Plan Writing Tool

Online business plan writing tool for clients targeted at bank managers
Fintech Themes: Financial Inclusion Customer Experience


Onenet: Online sales and marketing platform to grow businesses

Online sales and marketing platform to grow businesses
Fintech Themes: Customer Experience


Instant Payroll - business can integrate their payroll into their online banking.

Businesses can integrate their payroll into their online banking and retain and acquire more clients
Fintech Themes: Efficiency


The Funding Portal

Portal to improve access to business incentives, capital and financing for businesses in Canada and the US
Fintech Themes: Marketplace P2P Lending Data Analytics


Business Money Manager

Accounting solution for businesses that is fully integrated with their online banking
Fintech Themes: Risk Mitigation Customer Experience


KoreConX All-in-one business platform

All-in-one business platform that helps companies navigate and efficiently manage all their corporate business activities
Fintech Themes: Blockchain Identification & Verification Finacial Inclusion Risk Mitigation Efficiency Customer Experience On Demand Insurance





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