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Fintech innovations using Algorithmic Technology


Fintech Innovations using Algorithmic Technology

Quality decision making in the shortest possible time is a key aspect of competitiveness, or even survival, in the modern world, particularly when it is associated with high risk. The huge amount of data available and the access to this makes it possible for even more inputs into decisions, which slows down the process considerably, particularly when judgement is required. The advent of algorithmic based technology has contributed enormously to analysing large amounts of data in a systematic manner and producing outputs which would be humanly impossible in the equivalent time taken.

Fintechs have incorporated algorithmic technology into their solutions especially for applications that use large amounts of historical and real time data, sometimes along with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Global Substantial Shareholding Disclosure in one-click

One-click aggregation of shareholder data to autocompletion of mandatory exchange forms as required by global stock exchanges.
Fintech Themes: Asset Management, Regtech


Onfintur: Long-Term Stock Investment Strategies within a few Clicks

Support asset managers, professional investors, pension funds and banks investing in stocks (B2B), using sophisticated algorithms to generate a stock portfolio with just a few clicks.
Fintech Themes: Wealth Tech / Robo Advisors, Trading Technology


Sophisticated wealth management for everyone

Mobile app robo-advisor powered by risk and asset allocation algorithms, aimed at middle classes
Fintech Themes: Wealth Tech / Robo Advisors, Trading Technology


Self-learning algorithm to assess loan applications from small businesses

Self-learning algorithm to assess loan applications for small businesses
Fintech Themes: Marketplace P2P lending Efficiency


Advanced Analytics- Extracting insights for proactive loan decision making

Predictive data analytics for lending with algorithmic credit score generation
Fintech Themes: Risk Mitigation Data Analytics


Augmented intelligence software enables investment managers to both pick an individual stock and automatically determine its suitability for each client.

Algorithmic portfolio construction incorporating human forecasts
Fintech Themes: Wealth Tech / Robo Advisors Asset Management


I Know First: Selecting investments using artificial intelligence

Algorithmic trading methodology using artificial intelligence to predict market prices and volatility
Fintech Themes: Trading Technology Asset Management


Cybercloud - Fraud Prevention for Ecommerce

Algorithmic detection of credit card fraud for online transactions
Fintech Themes: Risk Mitigation





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