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Fintech innovations for Microtransactions


Fintech Innovations for Microtransactions

Payment transactions attract fees and naturally lead to a minimal size of transaction – smaller amounts become unaffordable in relative terms. The consequence of this is that it prevents financial inclusion, since this segment of clients would typically transact in small amounts. The advent of technology and mobile applications have spurred the development of microtransactions at a reasonable cost.

Here are a few from the Matchi platform:

TapNPay for the Masses

The innovation brought in by us in the above solution was :

  • Interoperable across all technologies
  • Advanced security using public / private keys
  • Interoperable across all mobile devices / all networks and OS
  • Remote updates and multi provider hosting

and the costs of set-up / operations. these were done globally as a first and we have set the benchmark here.
Fintech Themes: Financial Inclusion, Next Generation Payments


Drive tracking mobile app with no other hardware

Mobile app for tracking driver behaviour and offering micro insurnace against traffic jams and parking tickets
Fintech Themes: On Demand Insurance, Microinsurance


Digital wallet network for micro transactions and movement of money across borders

Digital wallet network for micro transactions and movement of money across borders
Fintech Themes: Next Generation Payments, Risk Mitigation

Micro payments using Blockchain

Micropayments using blockchain
Fintech Themes: Marketplace P2P Lending, Blockchain


Jita - blockchain/bitcoin microcredit platform

Bitcoin microloans backed by local currency for transactions that take days to settle
Fintech Themes: Marketplace P2P Lending, Blockchain


InstaPay - Payments in a Flash

Mobile payments using QR codes for microtransactions and bill splitting
Fintech Themes: Next Generation Payments, Mobile VAS / Mobility


Empowering the underserved micro-merchant sector, by enabling them to unlock mobile finance and grow their business

Empowers micro-merchants by enabling them to accept payments from any consumer owning a smartphone.
Fintech Themes: Mobile VAS / Mobility





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