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Fintech Innovations for Financial Advisors


Fintech Innovations for Rewards and Loyalty

Financial advisors represent the coal face of investment advice since they physically engage with the clients, conduct a needs analysis and fulfil the need for a trusted advisor. However, many of these investment advice duties are being replaced by robo-advisors which efficiently assesses needs and automatically constructs relevant portfolios.

There are also other processes that financial advisors undertake that can be streamlined or automated. In particular on the client side the guidance process, compliance issues, acquisition and assistance with document management. Fintechs have also simplified administrative tasks such as payments.

Here are some from the Matchi platform:

Automate and Simplify Capital Gains Tax

Customisable tool for life insurance companies, asset managers and private wealth managers to help their clients comply easily with the ever changing and complex Capital Gains Tax legislation.
Fintech Themes: Wealth Tech / Robo Advisors, Regtech


Artificial intelligence for staff: Create Universal Sales Consultants able to sell all products effectively, with a detailed Record of Advice to prove it

Guide sales staff through consistent and compliant need analysis conversations with clients, actioning sales and record all steps for compliance purposes.
Fintech Themes: Client Experience, Artificial Intelligence / Digital Labour


Integrated solution for IFA's

Single mobile and web user frontend (for Financial Advisor and customer), enables multiple financial product platforms to be integrated.
Fintech Themes: Idenfication & Verification, Mobile VAS / Mobility


Empire Manager - Effortlessly Manage Your Clients Total Picture With Empire

Customisable multi-asset tracking platform that allows multiple specialist advisors to view a client`s full wealth, including physical assets.
Fintech Themes: Wealth Tech / Robo Advisors, Mobile VAS / Mobility


Financial institution point of sale and risk management system

Cloud based acquisition process software for financial advisors
Fintech Themes: Customer Experience Regtech


Advisor Invoicing and payment platform

One platform and that has the ability to invoice , record, collect and pay advisors
Fintech Themes: Insurance, Next Generation Payments





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