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Fintech Innovations for Financial Education


Fintech Innovations for Financial Education

It is well known that most people are not sufficiently knowledgeable about their finances to be able to manage this efficiently. This is not confined to understanding complex instruments for investment but starts at the most elementary level of what kind of accounts to open and what range of financial products are applicable to them.

Coupled with the complexity of products is the risk of being mis-sold inappropriate solutions for their needs – this can have a material impact over a period of time, especially with regards to exorbitant fees and opportunity costs. Financial institutions have rightly started focusing on offering financial education to clients, from children to pensioners, to increase their financial literacy to make informed and effective decisions regarding their finances.

Fintechs have entered this space by utilising technology to offer effective training and education by creating apps or offering mobile training platforms.

UPUP - money for kids

Online bank app for children while teaching financial education in a fun and intuitive way
Fintech Themes: Gamification, Mobile VAS / Mobility


Interactive Customer Education, Customisable to Suit the Audience and Organisation

Educational system on mobile that allows for interaction with customers
Fintech Themes: Mobile VAS / Mobility, Customer Experience


FortuneIQ: Data science driven finance platform for learning, planning, saving and connecting

Manage your financial health through education and planning scorecards
Fintech Themes: Insurance, Wealth Tech / Robo Advisors

Learn to Earn - Online financial education

Online financial education to increase financial literacy
Fintech Themes: Financial Inclusion


TiViTz College $avings Game-a-thon: Access the youth market with an enduring, educational and gamified offering.

Financial literacy and saving game for youth clients linked to a bank account
Fintech Themes: Gamification


Sureify Insurance Education and Sales via web

Educates on life insurance and estimates individual needs
Fintech Themes: Insurance





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