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BankTech Asia Launches Global Fintech Challenge

5 Fintech firms will win a 10-minute demo to 100+ Asian banks

BankTech Asia 2016 Global Fintech Challenge

In partnership with Matchi, BankTech Asia is challenging the global Fintech community to enter the BankTech Asia Fin5ive Challenge. Fintech firms are invited to respond with solutions in any of the 5 categories for their chance to be shortlisted as part of the Fin5ive. Each of the 5 shortlisted firms will win a 10-minute demo in front of 100+ banks from Asia Pacific at the upcoming BankTech Asia exhibition and conference which takes place in Kuala Lumpur from 8-9 November 2016.

Key focus areas from banks across the region have been collated into Fintech themes which form the five (5) entry categories for the BankTech Asia Fin5ive Challenge. The challenge is open to all Fintech startups and firms worldwide which are actively looking to partner with banks in the Asia Pacific region.

To enter, fintech firms must have an implementable (at least at prototype phase) solution aligned to any one of below five (5) fintech themes:

  • Wealth Tech

    Solutions that enable the provision of wealth management / investment services in new ways e.g. robo advice

  • Financial Inclusion

    Solutions that deliver financial services at affordable costs to underserved customer groups

  • Mobile VAS/ Mobility

    Tools that enable access to financial services over mobile device

  • Blockchain

    Applications of blockchain to a variety of FI problems - distributed ledger, cross-border payments, etc

  • Payments Solutions

    Seamless Payments across any channel or device

The BankTech Asia Fin5ive Challenge will open for entry on Thursday 1 September 2016 and close on Wednesday 21 September 2016 at 23:59 GMT. Entry is exclusively through the Matchi platform at https://matchi.biz/banktechasia. On the Matchi site, potential challenge respondents can sign up or login to submit an overview of their innovation, and motivate why it should be showcased at BankTech Asia 2016.

All entries will be validated and individually scored against set criteria:   

  • Novelty/ Innovativeness 
  • Ease of Implementation within the Asian market
  • Potential Impact (revenue, cost or efficiency) 
  • Overall Impression.   

The highest ranking entry in each category will be announced on Friday 7 October 2016 and these firms be offered the opportunity to present their fintech to the crowd of 100+ Asian banks at BankTech Asia on 8 November 2016. 

We’re ecstatic to work with Matchi in our search for the top Fintech firms in each category. We believe that this will be a great platform for both the Fintech firms to get connected directly to the Asian Banks and for the Asian Banks to be exposed to some of the most innovative solutions in the world. Vincent Fong – Director, Knowledge Group.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Catherine Miller at +27118801805 or email at



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