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Matchi Fintech Challenges

Current Challenges Open For Entry


Event Description
KPMG in the UK is actively looking to partner with innovative companies that have leading products and solutions in Securetech to address some of the most complex issues facing their clients.

Securetech reflects today’s digital environment where security is no longer a separate process but is an integral part of all digital activities. More than just cyber-security, Securetech encompasses all solutions that protect data, knowledge, people and brands. Solutions that integrate, co-ordinate and make security more useable or accessible are as welcome as those that move forward the technical boundaries of security.

Technology providers with a working Securetech solution are invited to express interest in this opportunity before the closing date 2 April 2019.

Active Challenges, but closed for Entry

There are no ongoing challenges that are now closed for entry.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Matchi Membership: To respond to a challenge, you must be an existing member of the Matchi eco-system.
  • Not just ideas, only real innovations: Ideas without at least a working prototype do not qualify, no matter how good they may be.
  • Complete entry: To qualify, all three sections must be completed.

Who gets to see what?

  • Only the organisation that has set the challenge will be able to see responses to it.
  • Fintech firms who have submitted responses will only be able to see their own solution.

Set a challenge for your bank

Contact us to set your own Innovation challenge.

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