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Top 5 Tips to make your Matchi Innovation stand out

We've recently added new functionality to the Matchi site, including 3 new fields to increase your chances of getting your innovation noticed.

Matchi's Top Tips Here are our Top 5 Tips to ensure that your Matchi profile stands out.

  1. Define what problem is being addressed by your innovation. We urge all innovator members to complete this new field on your profile. This field offers a critical opportunity to let our bank members know exactly how your innovation will help them with the challenges they face.
  2. Include a Magic Metric in your profile. As an Innovator Member, you now have the option to include what we call a "Magic Metric" to your profile on Matchi. This is any compelling performance, efficiency or success metric that will make the bank members sit up and take notice, for example "Reduce credit card fraud by 25% over 5 years".
  3. Articulate how your innovation adds value. We've changed the 'Benefits' field of your profile to specifically address how your innovation adds value to a prospective clients business environment. We recommend that you go back to this field and edit your response if required.
  4. Add a video to your profile. Videos are a great way to quickly and effectively communicate your solution and its benefits to our Bank Members. With the cost of video production becoming increasingly cost-effective, we highly recommend that you consider adding a video for each innovation registered on the Matchi platform.
  5. Shout about your previous and existing customers! Another new field allows Innovator Members to list the previous and existing customers for each innovation registered on the platform. Sharing this information is a great way to establish instant credibility, so be sure to update this field regularly.

If you require any assistance with this process please contact us at



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