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Join a new project on the disruptive shifts in financial services

The global innovations team of Claro Partners and the strategic arm of leading financial advisory firm Anthemis Group have joined forces to launch a new range of consortium projects to dive deeper into major disruptive shifts in financial services.

The first project ‘Always in Beta’ - Financial Services for Digital Natives will start in early Fall and Claro and Anthemis are now seeking organisations to be part of this exclusive opportunity.

The way people deal with money is fundamentally changing. In particular, Digital Natives are deeply sceptical about traditional financial institutions and no longer think of banks as the centre of their financial world.

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A wave of new offers is emerging outside of banks that better meet Digital Natives’ financial needs, inspiring them to create their own ways of managing finances, whether it’s transactions, currency exchange or insurance. While these solutions are often experimental and continuously in flux, they match the lifestyle of Digital Natives – ‘Always in Beta’.

This brings the financial industry to a critical point. To remain relevant, cost-competitive and sustainable, financial institutions must reinvent themselves or risk being marginalised.

What new value propositions are arising from emerging financial needs of Digital Natives? Can your business meet the demand for industry transformation?

Claro are currently inviting companies engaged in financial services to join their next multi-company consortium project, which will start in autumn 2014 and run for a six-month period. Participants will take part in global ethnographic research to explore the financial choices and habits of Digital Natives. They will also gain a business perspective, mapping out emerging assets, startups and business models. In collaborative workshops, participants will use tools and frameworks to make these insights actionable and create meaningful new financial offers. The specific outcomes of the project will be defined collaboratively, and from these each client organisation will develop their final, independent initiatives.

This initiative is led by research and service design firm Claro in collaboration with financial investment and advisory firm Anthemis, who bring in their expertise in finance and business innovation. Anthemis is better known by their portfolio of disruptive financial services startups including eToro, Simple and Moven. Both firms are currently looking to identify non-competitive organisations to complete a dynamic Always in Beta working group.

Please email to receive a project overview document and to arrange a phone call to learn how to join the consortium.



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