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Gmaven had a successful innovation match-make

Will Harris, Founder of Gmaven, tells us about their experience with Matchi:

Dear fellow innovator,

My name is Will Harris, Founder of Gmaven. Here is my experience with Matchi:

Matchi contacted me and explained the role they play in connecting innovators with innovative banks. Matchi’s value proposition: to close the crucial sales last mile with a beachhead customer. As a business currently operating in the innovator/early adopter segment of our industry’s technology adoption life cycle, this is first prize stuff.

After qualifying our value offering, Matchi set the context, and connected us to the right innovation team members in a leading bank – as promised. After initial discussions and demos with the prospective client we signed NDA's and moved into pilot phase. We are now piloting with this major bank with a view to rolling out our solution later in the year.

In our other marketing efforts to the banking vertical we have incurred significant expense and deep frustration - often struggling to find the right people in the bank, and wasting time during long, retrospectively low-probability sales cycles.

Matchi connected us to the right innovation and product people in a bank that needed our solution.

Matchi has been our best marketing investment to date. If you don’t speak to them, your competitors will.


Will Harris



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