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Matchi Live Demo - Iris and DOKKA

Firms: DOKKA and IRIS (Developed by KPMG)

Matchi Master Discussion: Regulatory Compliance in Germany

KPMG Matchi Master Demos are monthly online webinars where we invite 2 emerging technology firms per session to demo their solution to our KPMG colleagues around the world.

These conversations are scheduled not only to showcase the emerging tech firms KPMG Matchi has access to, but also to get you thinking about how solutions like these can benefit your clients – or your local firm. With this in mind, we structure each session so that we can help you understand how these technologies can work for your clients, what you need to know in order to share or place them with your clients and general questions which would help you understand the technology and business problems they solve. Each session is recorded and in this demonstration we host DOKKA and IRIS. More information on each firm below:

DOKKA: The DOKKA.com proprietary technology can recognise the structure of any financial documentation. The technology is used to innovate the bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing process. The DOKKA web platform, and mo-bile apps, ( can be white-labelled) serve bookkeepers, accountants, and business owners. The functionality includes:

  • document collection,
  • smart document management (including search, tags, and virtual folders),
  • messaging collaboration,
  • A.I. powered automated bookkeeping entries,
  • deep integration with major accounting software (Xero, QBO, SAGE & others).

IRIS: KPMG’s IFRS 9 Risk and Impairment Solution was developed to combine data analytics, new technology and access to detailed industry information to help advisors and auditors better understand their client’s business, identify risks and issues and deliver additional insights. The focus of the solution is to meet the evolving needs of customers and is able to quantify the risk on the ECL number through various simulations. It amalgamates fragmented process flows into a singular stream-lined process. At the heart of the solution is a strong governance process with clear audit trails, sup-porting senior executives in responding to ongoing pressure from regulators.

  • Contact Freda Gray for specifics about any of the solutions mentioned above
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More on Matchi: KPMG-Matchi has proven and practical approaches to connect our clients with high quality and relevant emerging technology solutions from around the world. We do this in a way that builds internal support and leads to real business impact.

Leveraging our network of 6,500+ emerging tech firms around the world, we have pioneered targeted and facilitated matchmaking mechanisms to ensure the right solution is quickly selected and reviewed without compromising quality.



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