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Matchi Membership Policy


1.1 This membership policy (the “Membership Policy”) applies to all members of the Matchi website (the “Website”). The Website is operated by Matchi Holdings Limited, which is incorporated in Hong Kong of 12 Floor Ruttonjee House, 11 Duddell Street, Central Hong Kong, (Registration No.:1920601) (“Matchi”).

1.2 By accessing the Website and being a Member, all Members accept and agree to this Membership Policy. If a Member does not agree to abide by the provisions of this Membership Policy, the Member may not access or use the Website.

1.3 Matchi reserves the right to amend this Membership Policy or add provisions to it at any time. By continuing to access or use this Website, the Member agrees to the amended versions of the Membership Policy.

1.4 Any amendment to the Membership Policy shall become binding on Members once the amended Membership Policy has been uploaded on the Website.


2.1 Unless the context dictates otherwise, all the defined terms used in this Payment Policy will have the meaning as set out in the Matchi Website General Use Terms and Conditions.

2.2 The interpretation and administration of this Membership Policy vests in Matchi.

2.3 This Membership Policy shall apply to and bind each and every Member and each and every Member shall be bound by this Membership Policy.


3.1 Matchi may investigate any non-compliance by any Member with the provisions of this Membership Policy. Matchi’s powers in this regard shall include, but not be limited:

3.1.1 to determine whether a Member has contravened the provisions of this Membership Policy;

3.1.2 to impose a penalty or fine on a Member who has, in Matchi’s sole and absolute discretion, contravened any provision of this Membership Policy;

3.1.3 to order any Member to take action or refrain from any course of action which contravenes this Membership Policy; and

3.1.4 to immediately terminate the Member’s membership of the Website.


4.1 In order to be a Member of the Website, the requirements below must be complied with.

4.2 If the Member is a Buyer, the Member must comply with the following criteria:

4.2.1 the Buyer must be a registered bank in the country in which the Buyer is incorporated; or

4.2.2 an authorised or registered insurer or insurance provider.

4.3 If the Member is an Innovator, the Member must have an Innovation that complies with the definition of “Innovation”, as set out in Matchi’s Innovator Terms and Conditions.

4.4 The Member’s membership of the Website is subject to the Member complying with the abovementioned criteria at all times. If the Member, at any time, fails to comply or maintain its compliance with such criteria, Matchi may terminate the Member’s membership of the Website.

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