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Matchi Code of Ethics


1.1 This code of ethics (the "Code of Ethics") applies to all members of the Matchi website (the "Website"). The Website is operated by Matchi Holdings Limited, which is incorporated in Hong Kong of 12 Floor Ruttonjee House, 11 Duddell Street, Central Hong Kong, (Registration No.:1920601) ("Matchi").

1.2 All Members accept and agree to this Code of Ethics. This Code of Ethics shall apply to and bind each and every Member and each and every Member shall be bound by this Code of Ethics. If a Member does not agree to abide by the provisions of this Code of Ethics, the Member may not be a member of the Website or access or use the Website.

1.3 Matchi reserves the right to amend this Code of Ethics or add provisions to it at any time. By continuing to access or use this Website, the Member agrees to the amended versions of the Code of Ethics.

1.4 Any amendment to the Code of Ethics shall become binding on Members once the amended Code of Ethics has been uploaded on the Website.


2.1 The interpretation and administration of this Code of Ethics vests in Matchi.


3.1 Matchi may investigate any non-compliance by any Member with the provisions of this Code of Ethics. Matchi's powers in this regard shall include, without limitation:

3.1.1 to determine whether a Member has contravened the provisions of this Code of Ethics;

3.1.2 to impose a penalty or fine on a Member who has, in Matchi's sole and absolute discretion, contravened any provision of this Code of Ethics;

3.1.3 to order any Member to take action or refrain from any course of action which contravenes this Code of Ethics; and

3.1.4 to immediately terminate the Member's membership of the Website.


4.1 In dealing with Matchi and other Members, all Members shall exercise good faith and act with integrity. Members shall be honest in their dealings with each other and refrain from fraudulent, dishonest and any other objectionable conduct. In their dealings with each other, Members shall strive to demonstrate accountability and respect.

4.2 All Members shall refrain from corrupt conduct and practices. Members shall avoid all forms of bribery.

4.3 Members shall comply with all laws, regulations, rules, procedures and policies in force from time to time. Members shall not be involved in any criminal or unlawful activity.

4.4 Members shall ensure that their workplaces and employment environment comply with international standards regarding issues such as health and safety and employment equity. Members shall not make use of slavery or child labour.

4.5 Members may not engage in any discriminatory conduct, including, without limitation, discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language or birth.

4.6 Members shall avoid all forms of harassment of other Members or any other persons.

4.7 Members shall take all steps to avoid endangering or injuring persons or their property.

4.8 Members shall respect persons' rights to freedom of expression, criticism and belief.

4.9 Members shall respect the environment, natural resources and cultural heritage and avoid all actions that can cause harm to the aforesaid.

4.10 Members shall at all times honour the confidentiality of other Members' confidential and proprietary information. Members shall not disclose the confidential or proprietary information of another Member, without the consent of such Member.

4.11 Members shall at all times comply with all laws and rules regulating competition and anti-trust matters. Members shall refrain from all anti-competitive conduct and unlawful competition.

4.12 Members shall at all times respect the intellectual property rights of others. Members' obligations in this regard shall include, without limitation, not to infringe the trademarks or copyright of other persons and to avoid all forms of passing-off and imitation.


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