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Customer Onboarding Global Innovation Challenge by ATB Financial

The challenge opens for entry on Wednesday the 29th of March and closes for entry on on midnight (Mountain Time) Monday the 24th of April 2017

Customer Onboarding Global Innovation Challenge by ATB Financial
Powered by KPMG and Matchi
Event Description
In collaboration with Matchi and KPMG, ATB Financial is looking to reimagine customer onboarding and management and is challenging the Fintech community to compete for an opportunity for a POC project.
What's in it for you
Selected fintech solution providers will have the opportunity to present to ATB Executives and at least 2 solutions which will be shortlisted for an opportunity to prove the value and impact of their solution through a PoC project.
How will your entry be scored

All entries will be validated by Matchi and KPMG analysts. An ATB Scoring Panel will evaluate each solution based on:

The extent to which the solution:

  • Addresses the challenge problem / opportunity
  • Enables transformation in the business relating to interaction with customers

Technical Aspects:

  • Scalability – ability to handle transaction and user volume
  • Expandability - ability to be deployed in another customer segment and/or business area
  • Configurability – ability to be easily updated with changes in regulation or business requirements without complex re-development


  • Strengthens ATB brand and creates sizzle with customers
  • Extent to which the solution is transformative - The extent to which the solution enables transformation in the business and/or how ATB interacts with its customers.

Please ensure your challenge entry covers each of the above as this will determine the selection of finalists to present to ATB Executives and of course final selection of PoC winners. Your challenge entry will be reviewed with your Matchi solution description throughout the evaluation and judging process.

Please note: 1 Solution Description on Matchi = 1 Entry Only

You can only enter a solution description on Matchi into ONE category. Should your solution cover more than one category, please select the most appropriate category and refer to the other relevant categories in your Challenge entry.

Challenge Categories
Seamless KYC
ATB is looking for an innovative solution that delivers a seamless KYC process across channels and devices:
  • The solution should transform the customer experience by reimagining the capture of client data and profile creation while being smart, simple and helpful.
  • The solution should ensure adherence to KYC rules across channels and products when onboarding new customers.
  • The solution should be easy to reconfigure in response to regulatory changes and / or changes to business requirements.
  • Ideally the solution will be applicable to both retail and small & medium sized business banking clients.
 This Challenge is closed for entry
Automate Onboarding
ATB is looking for a solution that helps automate and optimize onboarding and fulfilment processes:
  • The solution should automate the collection of relevant data as needed for product fulfilment and automate the internal sharing of existing client data across ATB teams (e.g. credit application)
  • The solution will be applied to small & medium sized business banking clients and where possible, retail clients
 This Challenge is closed for entry
Ecosystem Information Flow
ATB is looking for a solution to more efficiently manage the interaction and flow of information within its ecosystem of service providers:
  • In particular, the solution should address the movement of documents between parties in real estate/mortgage transactions (i.e. realtors, solicitors,appraisers, financial institutions).
  • Solution should be extendable to other classes of service providers such as credit card and item processing etc.
 This Challenge is closed for entry
Emerging Identity Tech
ATB is looking for a solution that leverages advanced and emerging technologies to support identity management for the future: :
  • Specifically, leading edge solutions that will become commercialized over the next 3 – 5 years
  • The solution may include technologies like blockchain, advanced biometrics, wearables, internet of things and beyond.
 This Challenge is closed for entry

Interactive Challenge Timeline

Current Phase in Challenge

 Challenge has Ended

Challenge Phase Dates

  • Entry: 29th March to 24th April
  • Entry Validation: 25th April
  • Scoring: 26th April to 9th May
  • Faciliated Judging: 10th May to 14th May
  • Announce Finalists: 15th May to 19th May
  • Presentation: 5th June to 7th June
  • Winners Announced: 8th June



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