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Raphael Troitzsch, Head of Automotive Solutions & Smart Homes at Swiss Re
We can finally stop worrying about doing part of the trip by car, part of the trip by bike, part of the trip by train, and book that in 15 different places, and do the research and the matching of timetables. I'm really looking forward to an era where A to B is the question and not colour of car or which mode of transport at which price. It's all combined, and it's one seamless experience to everyone, not just people in cities and developed worlds, but really everyone.
Charlie Simpson, Head of Mobility2030
This is now moving away from the theory about Mobility and the reality to how it is impacting people’s businesses. The one key message is that no one single organisation, no one single sector, has the answers to this. This implies the degree of collaboration we envisage at the beginning, and the evidence for today is that that is exactly what is happening
- Charlie Simpson, Head of Mobility2030


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