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Matchi Master Demo - Modo

KPMG Matchi Master Demos are monthly online webinars where we invite 2 emerging technology firms per session to demo their solution to our KPMG colleagues around the world.

These conversations are scheduled not only to showcase the emerging tech firms KPMG Matchi has access to, but also to get you thinking about how solutions like these can benefit your clients – or your local firm. With this in mind, we structure each session so that we can help you understand how these technologies can work for your clients, what you need to know in order to share or place them with your clients and general questions which would help you understand the technology and business problems they solve.

Each session is recorded and in this demonstration we host Bizagi and Temenos. More information on each firm below:

Bizagi’s Digital Process Automation platform unifies business process tools, offers no-code application development, integration, AI and RPA in a cloud environment. Ease of use and rapid iteration enable business roles and IT roles to collaborate on digitizing business operations. Bizagi’s 500+ customers worldwide use this solution to rapidly innovate customer experiences.

Temenos: As banks migrate account opening and credit/loan applications to digital channels, they’re realizing that having an online form isn’t enough. The customer journey needs to be frictionless and intuitive for the client. Temenos will showcase their agile onboarding solution with in-built customer journey analytics which is helping banks and fintechs like HSBC, Citi, First Tech Federal Credit Union and Ebury deliver sales experiences customers are happy to complete- leading to increased onboarding completion rate.

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Matchi Master Demo - Modo

KPMG Matchi Live Demos are monthly online webinars where we invite 2 emerging technology firms per session to demo their solution to our KPMG colleagues around the world. The objective is to socialise these solutions with our colleagues and to give real client use cases for the types of solutions available to the global KPMG network via the KPMG Matchi platform.

This recording features the firms Fincite and Scanovate:

Fincite.CIOS is a modular digital wealth management software. Part of CIOS is the Aggregation Engine, where end-clients can aggregate all their financial assets. Another module is the Analytical Engine, where end-clients and advisors can get insights into the asset allocation and Performance and Risk of the client portfolio. Lastly there is the Advice Engine, which handles portfolio allocation and optimization and handles many different client- and investment restrictions on the financial institution and personal client level. All those engines can be used separately, in combination, or as basis for a financial institution’s proprietary solution.

Scanovate is an enterprise identity and compliance platform with a proprietary and end-to-end identity management solutions mainly offered to top tier financial institutions and governments globally. Scanovate's solution helps guide the flow of any digital transaction in the most secure and regulatory compliant way.

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Matchi Master Demo - Modo

Every month, our Emerging Tech Lead, Sashreka Pillay hosts a live demo session to showcase two best-in-class emerging technologies to our KPMG colleagues around the world. The selected firms have roughly 20 minutes each to demonstrate the benefits of their solution and how it can be implemented to benefit KPMG clients – looking at the problem (s) addressed as well as how it works.

Demo 1: iidentifii
A remote biometric digital authentication and automated on-boarding technology platform, iidentifii fulfills the needs of customer-focused organizations that are required to authenticate and on-board customers. It makes use of a frictionless, proven process that meets customer intelligence, risk and compliance goals, as well as ticking all the boxes from a governance and legislative perspective.

Demo 2: Arcus Capital
Simple real time investing through a goal based advice engine powered by machine learning and big data. Arcus Capital has created a robo advisor with advanced investment algorithms that trawl the markets and analyse them using big data. Analytics generate insight into the portfolios, forecasting maximum loss scenarios and projecting returns or probabilities.

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Matchi Master Demo - Modo

We were thrilled to kick off our 2019 Live Demo Series with 2 best in class firms who showcased their emerging technologies to our KPMG colleagues around the world, live.

This session included the following best in class Matchi firms:

Infoslips: This company turns dull and boring statement-of-record documents into engaging and interactive experiences. InfoSlips can create and deliver business-to-business, business-to-consumer and business-to-employee documents that offer an enriched experience and can include features such as AI voice query, personalized video and augmented reality.

Penser Analytics: An instantaneous integrated decision support system that addresses the basic need of rapid access to relevant data with advanced analytics backed insights to take business decisions.

Read more: Matchi Live Demo: Infoslips and Penser Analytics


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