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Technical FAQs

  • The video does not play although I can see a still of it

    This is only happens on some hosted videos that require a Flash media player plugin to be installed on your browser. If you can, you should install the FlashPlayer plugin on your browser.

Innovator FAQs

  • Should I wait until I have patented my innovation before I start to market it in the hope of making more money from it?

    Studies show that "First to Market" innovations - regardless of the longer term intellectual property benefits that you may gain from a patent - make the most profit. And since Matchi will introduce your innovation to a trusted innovation-buying bank, there are no benefits as far as protecting your intellectual property to be gained by first getting it patented.
  • I want to keep my innovation a secret in case someone steals the concept, so why should I tell anyone about it?

    You should obviously keep your trade secrets confidential until you have a firm non-discolure agreement with a prospective partner. However, if you do not tell the world about your innovation, no-one will get to know about it! So tell us at Matchi and we will ensure that only the right people get to hear about your innovation.
  • How long does it take for my innovation to get published on Matchi?

    From the point where you submit your innovation, we undertake to complete its review within one working day.If we find any issues with the content, we may ask you to remedy these first and re-submit your innovation, or we may make the changes ourselves and ask for your approval before going ahead and publishing your innovation. On publication, it will initially only be visible to our top-tier sponsor banks for 30 days, and then it will be visible to the rest of the innovation-buying banks.
  • As an innovator, can I see any other innovations?

    No, you can only see your own innovations. The only other parties that can see your innovations are innovation-buying banks.

Innovation Buyers FAQs

  • As an Innovation Buyer, what innovations can I see?

    You can see all the innovations on Matchi as soon as each they are published to the innovation-buying community. You can't see innovations while they are still in their initial sponsor-preview term, to allow sponsors to have first-mover-advantage on any innovation. Also, once an innovation is locked for exclusivity by a sponsor, it will only become visible to innovation-buying banks when the exclusive lock expires after 30 days from the time of locking, unless both the sponsor and the innovator agree to extend the lock period by a subsequent 30 days.
  • How do I become an innovation buyer?

    If you are a bank or other type of financial organization, you can apply to be admitted to Matchi as a buyer. The Matchi Membership Team will process your application very quickly and let you know with an invite code in an email how to complete your application.

    Matchi may also on its own accord invite you to become an Innovation Buyer and will send you a link to complete the membership application.

  • Can I be both an Innovator and a Buyer?

    No, unless you set up a separate account on Matchi for yourself as an Innovator.

Innovation Sponsor FAQs

  • Can I carry unused Exclusive Locks over from one year to the next?

    No. Unused Exclusive Locks expire at the end of each 12-month period during a sponsorship term. A new set of 12 Exclusive Locks is allocated at the beginning of each 12-month period.

  • As an Innovation Sponsor, what innovations can I see?

    You have the top tier privilege and therefore get to see all innovations from the moment that are first published 

  • What happens to innovations that I had locked at the end of my sponsorship term?

    When your sponsorship term comes to an end, you can continue to engage with innovators whose innovations you may have locked, or still have an exclusive lock, or engaged with them otherwise. Your exclusivity on this innovation will also continue to remain intact for the exclusivity period of 30 days regardless if your sponsorship term has expired or not, however, once you are outside your sponsorship term you will not be able to extend your exclusivity lock period. Once your sponsorship term has expired, you can not lock any more innovations for exclusivity.

Innovation Challenges

There are currently no active challenges, please visit this page frequently for new challenges.

Current Challenges Open For Entry

HKMA Global Regtech Challenge

Event Description

Recognising Regtech’s pivotal role in revolutionising risk management and compliance, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) developed a two-year roadmap in November 2020. As laid out in a White Paper entitled “Transforming Risk Management and Compliance: Harnessing the Power of Regtech”, the roadmap aims to promote Regtech adoption in the Hong Kong banking sector and help build a thriving Regtech ecosystem. This competition, “Global Regtech Challenge”, is a key highlight in the roadmap.

The Global Regtech Challenge is created with the aim of further growing the Hong Kong Regtech ecosystem. Regtech providers from around the world are invited to take part to showcase how their solutions may be applied to the Hong Kong market to help solve common risk management and regulatory compliance pain points experienced by banks. The Global Regtech Challenge is supported by KPMG Hong Kong and KPMG Matchi.

The problems to solve

As part of the research conducted during the development of the White Paper, a set of problem statements reflecting challenges faced by the industry as a whole were identified with the most potential to benefit from further Regtech adoption. Specifically, they span across four Regtech application areas as defined within the White Paper:

1. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) – Maintaining an inventory of all internal and external compliance obligations
2. Conduct & customer protection – Product Due Diligence & Risk Rating
3. Conduct & customer protection - Customer data privacy
4. Risk Management – Stress Testing

Grow your footprint in Hong Kong:
Applications will be shortlisted by a panel comprising representatives from both the public and private sectors, including experts and leaders from the Regtech ecosystem, and each finalist will get an opportunity to:

• Participate in a 3 week Hong Kong Contextualisation Programme - Meet the local Regtech network and learn the nuances of the local market.
• Work with high-value corporates - Quantify the relevance and value of your solution in the Hong Kong market.
• Pitch your solution to industry specialists - Demo to leading banks in the Hong Kong Regtech ecosystem.
• Get exposure - Showcase your business and team at the HKMA's flagship Regtech event.

The deadline for submission is 16 April 2021 (Hong Kong Time).


Event Description
KPMG in the UK is actively looking to partner with innovative companies that have leading products and solutions in Securetech to address some of the most complex issues facing their clients.

Securetech reflects today’s digital environment where security is no longer a separate process but is an integral part of all digital activities. More than just cyber-security, Securetech encompasses all solutions that protect data, knowledge, people and brands. Solutions that integrate, co-ordinate and make security more useable or accessible are as welcome as those that move forward the technical boundaries of security.

Technology providers with a working Securetech solution are invited to express interest in this opportunity before the closing date 2 April 2019.


Event Description

Accelerate your solution and solve real problems for the investment management industry by participating in the Digital Accelerator Programme, an initiative spearheaded by the Investment Management Association of Singapore (IMAS).

Applications are now open until 12 April 2019

If you have any enquiries regarding your application, please reach out to us at

By submitting your email you consent to IMAS and its service providers collecting, using, processing, storing and disclosing your personal data (provided above) for purposes of communication with you, addressing your queries and other related purposes.

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We'll assist you to define and scope a specific challenge that’s unique to your key focus areas and innovation strategy.

Source Relevant Solutions. Quickly.

Running a Global Innovation Challenge with Matchi is one of the fastest ways for financial institutions and other corporates to identify and source targeted, relevant and market-ready emerging technology.

Fill in your details below for a quick no obligation demo:

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Global Reach.

We promote each challenge to our global community of emerging technology providers who respond with relevant, market-ready solutions from all over the world


More about the Sponsor Membership:

Matchi only allows one full sponsor per region. Sponsors enjoy collaboration opportunities with some of the most innovative banks in the world by means of:

  • Ability to join or create small groups of non-competing banks to share market-tested innovations.
  • Exclusive events across sponsor banks.

Sponsors enjoy first-rights access to the innovations posted onto the platform, which gives them a first mover advantage in their respective regions - specifically:

  • Ability to view innovations for 30 days before they are published on the main portal.
  • Ability to lock or reserve innovations of interest for a further 30 day-periods (subject to the innovator's agreement) to enable negotiations.

Membership Options:

Bank Members
Options and Benefits:


Access to view innovations X
Can contact innovators directly for more info X
Negotiate any fees directly with innovator X
Interact with Matchi analysts on your focus areas X
Active matching to your areas of interest X
Submit problems to innovator community (Q3 2014) X
Collaborate with groups of non-competing banks X
Exclusive sponsor events X
First viewing rights on logged innovations for 30 days X
Lock innovations of interest for a further 30 days X

Let our team help you choose which sponsorship option would work best for your organisation. Contact one of our directors by emailing or by calling our sales team for a quote on +852 2293 2406


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